‘The Scream’ sold for a record $120 million

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The Scream sets a new record!

If he were alive, Edvard Munch would’ve screamed. You see, his iconic painting The Scream (the pastel version – one of four that Edvard has drawn) has just sold for a record $120 million at auction to an anonymous buyer.

The other three versions of The Scream are all owned by Norwegian museums, but Sotheby’s say the version they sold is the most colourful…

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For Sale: Beethoven’s Skull

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Beethoven’s Skull
In reference to the book Cranioklepty by Colin Dickey, Keith Thomson writes at The Huffington Post about the hobby of skull collecting. Among the most famous skulls held in collections might be that of the composer Ludwig Von Beethoven:

The seller is California businessman Paul Kaufmann, who first became aware that his family possessed the item in 1990. While searching among his late mother’s possessions, he happened on an ancient, pear-shaped box labeled “Beethoven.”

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Hotel Has Cars For Sale in World’s Biggest Vending Machine


The Mondrian Hotel in South Beach, Miami, has installed a vending machine in the lobby for hotel guests who’ve forgotten something.

Customers can purchase items priced from $10 to $1.2 million, including a Jean Paul Gaultier dress, a 1965 Corvette, a 2000 Bentley Azure convertible or a penthouse condo.

Although the machine is large, it doesn’t actually contain the larger items. For those you have to see the front desk after paying a non-refundable $1500 deposit.
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Gandhi Auction


Bring some inner peace with some items straight from Gandhi

A relative of Mahatma Gandhi made a last ditch appeal to the government Monday to stop the iconic resistance leader’s personal effects, including trademark round glasses, from being auctioned off.

The latest appeal from Tushar Gandhi, the great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, came as New York-based Antiquorum Auctioneers said plans to sell a watch, a pair of sandals, a plate and bowl plus the glasses would go ahead this week. Continue reading… “Gandhi Auction”