Scientists discover protein to restore grey hair to it’s original color

grey hair

The discovery raises the prospects of drugs, lotions or shampoos that raise levels of wnt – and restore white or grey hair to its natural color.

Scientists have got to the root of grey hair – paving the way for locks that retain the luster of their youth well into old age.


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Headtime Scalp Massager Puts An Oversized Helmet On Your Skull, Soothes It


Behold the helmet of head health

Stressed from all the pretending that you do at the office?   Forget medicating, all you need is some liberating pressure on your skull.  At least, that’s what Kinatech is thinking with the new Headtime Scalp Massager, a huge, head-crowning bowl that looks like it’s raring to fry your brains.

Looking like a mad scientist’s torture device, the stress-busting contraption doesn’t do any of those scary things you’re probably thinking.  Steal your memory?  Nah.  Implant evil designs in your brain?  Don’t sweat it.  Short-circuit and electrocute you?  Mmm…that’s actually a possibility.

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tDCS Helps Repair Brain Damaged By Stroke

tDCS Helps Repair Brain Damaged By Stroke

Mild noninvasive electrical current to brain could help stroke patients 

A simple, inexpensive device that delivers electrical current to the brain noninvasively could help stroke patients recover lost motor ability. According to a new study, the treatment–transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS)–in combination with occupational therapy boosted recovery better than either treatment on its own.

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Infrared Lie Detector Test

Infrared Lie Detector Test 


In a world of where truthfulness is at a premium , a game of cops and robbers unfolds and plays itself out in different dimensions and to different degrees. I don’t mean to be cryptic but it’s just that we have to accept the fact that people lie, and it is an effort to find the truth in someone’s deceit. The Infrared lie detector is one such innovation that will, hopefully, end this cyclic game that has been in constant motion ever since the dawn of civilization. Since polygraphic tests are as reliable, scientists have devised a new way to bring culprits to book, using recent developments in neuroscience.

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The USB Head Massager


Massage Your Ego As You Massage Your Scalp?

One day there will be creepy spider robots that crawl all over your body administering a full check-up, but until then you can experience a reasonably weird facsimile with the USB Head Massager. If you decide to add this gadget to your collection, just remember to tell your loved ones that you have not been taken over by a parasitic entity.

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