88% of Americans use a second screen while watching TV. Why?

Rear view of couple watching television with their daughters busy in different activities

Second screens and the sickness unto death.

 When it comes to tech, I like to think I’m a pretty hoopy frood. I added the System Tuner UI to my Android phone’s settings. I’ve crimped my own ethernet cables. I got Wing Commander III running, back when that required the dark arts of HIMEM.SYS tweaking. What I’m trying to say is: I am with it!

Except when it comes to staring at screens while staring at other screens. I just don’t suss it. But apparently 88 percent of Americans do.

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Millennial parents: TV becomes the ‘good screen’


As millennials become parents, the family dynamic is completely shifting again.

The first shift happened when millennials were kids and, for the first time, they became “the boss.” The “baby on board” generation was the rising sun of their parents.

So what happens when the boss child becomes a parent? They want to give their kids what their parents gave them, while maintaining command. So we find a new dynamic: “We’re in this together,” where “me time” means spending time with the kids while still pursuing their own passions.

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