Stunning Photos of Curious Whales

whale 1

This massive right whale came up to wildlife photographer Brian Skerry with “great curiosity, but no aggression.”

The ocean’s whales are some of the Earth’s most massive and majestic animals, reaching sizes of up to 80 feet long and 150 tons. As the targets of centuries of whaling, they have a violent history — and are still recovering from an industry that depleted their numbers substantially. (Pics)


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It’s Crabzilla! Biggest Known Crab On Earth


Japanese Spider Crab

Hail Crabzilla! The Japanese Spider Crab is the biggest arthropod on Earth–their legs are believed to grow up to 12 feet long. But since they live at such great depths (typically 1,000 feet down or so) a full grown spider crab has yet to be caught. So for now, we’ll have to make due with the 5 foot long Crabzilla (that’s what it’s called–I didn’t make it up!), one of the largest known crabs in the planet.

If You Thought Jaws Was Scary Take A Look At These Fish!


Fangtooth fish

Eating fish can be healthy, doctors say. A little fish oil is good for the brain. What isn’t good for fish, however, is overfishing, pollution, and disassociation, like landlubbers who don’t concern themselves with the quality of life in our lakes and oceans. So here’s a look at some of the 10 scariest fish on the planet, with big teeth, ugly mugs, and extra creepiness. Some of these fish are endangered. We need to remember that the less cuddly the creature, the more the need for awareness and diligence to make sure they and their habitat are protected. Let the uncomfortable awareness begin. (Pics)


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Scientists Create Translucent Goldfish


Japanese researchers have produced a new species of goldfish with see-through skin. You can see the fish’s beating heart, brain, and other internal organs, right through its invisible scales. And that’s precisely the point–the scientists created the fish to eliminate the need for dissections, which are getting ever more controversial in Japan. Here’s how they did it. (Pics and video)

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