One-third of San Francisco’s registered cab drivers ditch taxis for Uber, Lyft, or Sidecar


Lyft drivers sport “carstaches” on their vehicles while on duty.

San Francisco is where Uber and Lyft got their starts and resistance to these services seems futile. One third of taxi cab drivers in San Francisco have ditched their registered cabs and are now working for Uber, Lyft, or Sidecar, according to Fortune.



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30 Marvelous Motorcycles

motorcycle gunbus

Finally a Motorcycle for the rest of us!

Now That’s Nifty has a gallery of thirty unusual motorcycles, including those converted into campers, limos, and tracked vehicles. Among them is the massive Leonhardt Gunbus, which is powered by a massive 410 cubic inch engine:

When it comes to custom motorcycle builders, there’s crazy and there’s really crazy. Falling into the latter category is one Mr. Clemens F. Leonhardt, who has just finished building what he refers to as “the world’s biggest motorcycle.” Excluding some other crazy creations, such as the Monster Bike, the guy’s got a point. Unlike other two-wheeled behemoths, the Leonhardt Gunbus is actually ready to ride on normal roads and will soon go into series production… (Pics)

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Extreme Motorcycle Sidecar

Extreme Motorcycle Sidecar

The Snaefell 

Motorcycle sidecars have been given an entirely new definition by Francois Knorreck, and one that is quite literal. While most of the world thinks of sidecars as the retro attachments to bikes, Francois created a sidecar that is actually a car, on the side. But it’s easier said than done, it took the man 10 years and nearly 15,000 Euros to complete his work – the Snaefell.

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