Slackers’ brains are hard-wired to be lazy


Brain scans can show the difference between ”go-getters” and ”slackers”.

Scientists have identified neural pathways that appear to influence an individual’s willingness to work hard to earn money. Lazy people who prefer to live off others may have brains that are wired for under-achievement, according to a new study.


Why You Should be a Slacker: Perfectionists Die Earlier

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Is this a perfectionist slacker?

Are you a perfectionist? You may just be on your way to an early grave:

Those with high perfectionism scores, meaning they placed high expectations on themselves to be perfect, had a 51-percent increased risk of death compared to those with low scores.

The researchers suspect high levels of stress and anxiety, which are known to be linked with perfectionism, might contribute to the decrease in lifespan…

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UW-Madison Frat Treasurer Busted Scamming $12,000 For Video Game Addiction



The former treasurer of a University of Wisconsin-Madison fraternity blamed an addiction to video games for his alleged theft of more than $12,000 from the fraternity’s coffers, according to a criminal complaint.

As reported by the Wisconsin State Journal, Jose Tavarez confessed to authorities that he used a fraternity debit card to buy games and computer gear…

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