Home health aides and lawyers are among the most sleep-deprived workers


Over half of office workers don’t consistently get a good night’s sleep.

The distinction of being among the lowest-paid workers in the United States has long been home health aides.  It has now been revealed in a new study that they also get the least amount of sleep.

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30 most sleep-deprived cities in the U.S.


A federal study concluded in 2008, certain states have higher incidence rates of sleeplessness than others.

Functioning on a few hours of sleep isn’t just miserable, it’s dangerous, as recent news has suggested.  Several air-traffic controllers were caught sleeping on the job last month, prompting the FAA to fire a few. Recent studies have proven that sleep deprivation can make people more unethical, less attractive, and can weaken problem-solving skills.


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Sleep-Deprived Teens Who Spend All Night Online Triple Their Chances of Mental Illness


Over the past few decades young adults have been sleeping fewer and fewer hours.

Young people who rob themselves of sleep by spending all night surfing the internet and playing computer games are tripling their chances of developing a mental illness, according to research.   People who sleep less than five hours a night are up to three times more likely to become mentally ill than those sleeping eight or nine hours, the report said.


Sleep-Deprived People ‘Dying a Slow Death’

 Sleep-Deprived People ‘Dying a Slow Death’

Shakespeare once called sleep the “balm of hurt minds”. Bodies, too, apparently.

People with the severe form of apnea, which interferes with sleep, are several times more likely to die from any cause than are folks without the disorder, researchers report in the latest edition of the journal Sleep.

The findings in the 18-year study confirm smaller studies that have indicated an increased risk of death for people with apnea, also known as sleep-disordered breathing.

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