‘Smart garments’ will be the hottest trend of 2015


Gartner predicts sales of smart clothing will exceed 10 million in 2015.

Some of the hottest products of 2014 are smartwatches and fitness bands. We’ve seen a dizzying array of watches from many major manufacturers, and fitness bands released by some of the biggest tech firms in the world. (Videos)



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Top 10 trends at CES: Venture Beat

Curved displays by Sony at CES 2014.

Venture Beat tried to cover all of the 2 million square feet of exhibit space at the 2014 International CES.  They saw only a portion of the tens of thousands products on display at the huge tech trade show. They saw fads like 3D glasses for TVs fade away. And it was interesting to see how “phablets,” or phones with huge, tablet-like screens, have caught on in places like Asia even though we’ve ridiculed them in the past.



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