U.S. military testing TrackingPoint ‘smart rifles’


TrackingPoint smart rifle

The startup TrackingPoint unveiled the first in their line of “smart rifles” last summer. The smart rifles are unlike your average sniper rifle, which requires a great deal of training and expertise to effectively kill at range. The TrackingPoint rifles can be picked up by absolute novices, even those as young as 12 years old. (Videos)



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Smart Bullets


Click click boom and then your gone.  Smart weapons are just plain cool.

Those three Navy SEAL snipers who ended the hostage crisis on the high seas yesterday are amazing. Picking off two pirates who briefly poked their heads out of a small covered lifeboat, and simultaneously shooting a third pirate through the boat’s tiny window? At dusk using night vision? From a heaving, tilting and rolling ship, aiming at pirates who were also on a bobbing boat? Seems impossible. Continue reading… “Smart Bullets”