Northerners’ brains are bigger: study


Populations in the north have evolved to cope with dull, cloudy skies and short periods of daylight.

Good news for people who are from the north: you are likely to have a bigger brain than your southern counterparts. Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are more intelligent than people from the south – just that you have evolved to cope with the longer winters and greyer skies in northern climates.


Endangered Species Found In DMZ Between Koreas

cat 3241
Dozens of endangered species almost extinct elsewhere in South Korea have been found in the South Korean part of the Demilitarized Zone, a 248-kilometer-long and 4-km-wide belt separating the country from North Korea, according to new research reported by Yonhap News Agency.

According to Yonhap, the research conducted last month by South Korea’s Environment Ministry and its National Institute of Environmental Research in the mid-DMZ area, less than 90 kilometers north of Seoul, confirmed the presence of eight near-extinct mammals, including the small-eared cat and elk, and 24 endangered birds such as the red-crowned crane.

It said surveys by local and international groups of the heavily mined but almost completely untouched DMZ have shown it to be an ecological treasure house, with at least 70 different kinds of rare species of fauna and flora completely protected from human harassment.

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Mahru II – South Korea’s Humanoid Robot

Mahru II - South Korea’s Humanoid Robot 

 Mahru II

The robot masters at KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology) have updated their Mahru II robot with the new Mahru Humanoid Robot that is now a dead ringer for Sony’s tiny dancing QRIO robot. Scheduled to make its first major public appearance at Korea’s Robot World conference this week, the main feature of Mahru is its ability to simultaneously move its upper and lower body independently to perform dance moves or human-like actions in the same fashion as Honda’s amazing Asimo robot.

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Cattle Shown to Magnetically Align to North and South

Cattle Shown to Magnetically Align to North and South

Set your compasses to “Bovine North”

Have you ever noticed that herds of grazing animals all face the same way? Images from Google Earth have confirmed that cattle tend to align their bodies in a north-south direction. Wild deer also display this behavior – a phenomenon that has apparently gone unnoticed by herdsmen and hunters for thousands of years.

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