The Extreme Sport of Skyaking – Skydiving in a Kayak


Skyaker Miles Daisher uses his arms to get his ballance and keep the Skyak stable while falling towards Earth at 101 mph

Danger man Miles Daisher casts a bizarre image paddling across the sky – 13,000 feet up in a kayak.  The daredevil has turned extreme sport skydiving on its head after deciding to jump out of a plane in equipment normally used only in water – giving birth to ‘skyaking’.  (Pics and video)


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Electric Motorcycle Racing – The Hot New Sport Coming Soon

electric racing bike 1324
Quiet and Fuel Friendly!
We might be seeing the start of a new form of motorsport. Electric motorcycles have really been at the cutting edge of development recently, and it’s going to be really interesting to see exactly what happens.In fact, the governing body of the MotoGP series is in the process of organizing some races. There are already four on the calendar, with more expected. While no official rules are yet available, it does go without saying that this will draw all kinds of attention to the electric vehicle scene.

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A Little Known Sport: Underwater Hockey


Here is a movie showing some freestyle underwater hockey 

A little known sport, underwater hockey is what some divers like to do during the winter months when the outside water is too cold for diving. The sport was invented in Great Britain during the 1950’s when some British divers were looking for ways to stay fit during the winter. The result: An intensive and beatiful sport practised around the world leaving us with some striking images.

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