Abusive Spouses are Using Spyware to Track their Victims


The use of surveillance software by abusive spouses to monitor the phones and computers of their partners secretly has reached “epidemic proportions” and police are ill-equipped to tackle it, domestic violence campaigners have warned.

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Symantec’s 2010 Security Trends to Watch


Hackers and malware purveyors are becoming more sophisticated, meaning computer users need to become wiser and more proactive, too

After a year of unprecedented proliferation of spyware, malware and cyber attacks of all types, security software vendor Symantec warns there’s plenty more where that came from in its just-released 2010 Security Trends to Watch report.


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EPIC Files Complaint Against “Stalker Spyware” Companies


Guilherme sez, “Last week Electronic Privacy Information Center filed a complaint with the FTC against several providers of ‘stalker spyware.’ These are companies that advertise monitoring software with language like ‘can secretly record your wife.’
Some also advertise ‘remote install,’ ie, you send an executable email attachment disguised as something else, and the recipient is unaware of the monitoring. EPIC’s complaint alleges that these companies engage in unfair and deceptive practices.

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