Drones form giant, glowing ‘Star Trek’ insignia over London


The studio behind Star Trek Into Darkness took the film’s title literally, commissioning the flying of a giant, glowing Starfleet insignia in the night sky in London over the weekend. Comprised of 30 LED-illuminated quadrotors, the 308-foot-tall logo rotated in place 118 feet above ground, before dimming its lights alongside those of Tower Bridge and Big Ben in recognition of the WWF’s Earth Hour conservation effort.


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Kirk’s Chair Is Now Avaliable For Your Home


Beam me up Scotty. Maybe not but hey would be cool to have a little piece of star trek geekdom for your room.

I’ve always wondered why there were never seat-belts for each chair on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise. I mean, it would save all of that flying around and smashing into things. You know every member of the crew has bruises, just due to not having a seat-belt on their chairs.

On the flip side, however, I’ve never thought that the Captain’s chair ever needed a seat-belt. Particularly Kirk’s. C’mon. Kirk was made of steel, man. A seat-belt would be an insult to him.

So when I saw this, I was happy that they had not retro-fitted it with a protective belt:
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Trekkie Perfume: “How to Stink Like Kirk”


Smell a Trekkie a mile away!

Genki Wear, a company specializing in science-fiction-inspired jewelry (mostly in the Buffyverse, it seems), will be releasing three new Star Trek colognes to go along with the reboot of the franchise this year: “Tiberius”, a scent that is “difficult to define and impossible to refuse”; “Red Shirt”, with the brilliant tag line “Because tomorrow may never come”; and a scent for women called “Pon Farr”, designed to “drive him wild”. (Polearms not included.)

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