What are startup junkies really addicted to?

When you think about the term “startup junkie”, what comes to mind?  “Junkie” is someone who has some kind of addiction but “startups” aren’t a clearly defined drug that you buy on the corner.  Startups aren’t really a definable thing at all.  They are more like a messy, unpredictable process.  Are startup junkies addicted to uncertain processes and outcome?  Most startup junkies are actually addicted to something other than the difficult task of starting and growing a profitable business.


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Franchising is still an option to own and operate a business


McDonalds is one example of 6,000 franchise concepts offered in the United States.

Karl Dakin:  In this recession, one of the long-standing approaches to becoming a business owner is to buy a franchise. The topic of franchising was presented on Monday night at the Startup Junkie program of the DaVinci Institute. With over 6,000 franchise concepts within 40 industries currently being sold in the United States, it is quite possible for an individual to find a business that matches their passion and their pocketbook.


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