Where are all of the women entrepreneurs in tech startups?

The number of technology companies founded by women is only 3%.

Only 3% of technology companies are founded by women. This is despite the fact that women-led private technology companies get 35% higher return on investment, that the venture-backed ones have 12% higher revenue, and that women-owned companies with $10M in revenue have 47% higher growth than the average 10M in revenue company. Sadly, however, 98% of women-owned companies never make it over $1M in annual revenue.



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Startup Brasil – Brazil offers foreign startups visas and funding

Minister Marco Antonio Raupp releases the Start-up Brazil program.

The government in Brazil is offering foreign companies visas and funding to relocate to South America. Startup Brasil is a new program offering up to $78 million in investment for domestic and foreign high-tech companies. Firms that participate would have to relocate to Brazil and hire local employees; disbursement of funds would take place through a series of government-subsidized accelerators concentrated in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janiero. One of the participating accelerators, 21212, also has a New York office.



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Brilliant young entrepreneurs being wooed by Canada’s new startup visa

The bet is that some of the braniacs’ startups will eventually create lots of good jobs.

One of the world’s largest immigration programs is in Canada and they are launched a new type of visa for foreign entrepreneurs this week. Foreign nationals can apply to the new Startup Visa program and gain immediate permanent residency if the secure funding from Canadian venture capital firms or angel investors. Canada’s new program is the latest in a score of startup visas recently created or revamped by governments, including Australia, Chile, and the U.K., to woo foreign entrepreneurs.



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Makexyz links 3D printer owners to designers

MakerBot Replicator 2X 3D desktop printer.

It may only be in its infancy, but a new startup has already found a way to disrupt the 3D printing industry. Makexyz  is a 3D printing service with a brilliantly simple premise: Link the 3D printer owners of the world with the designers that need them. It’s like Airbnb or Wheelz, but for 3D printers.



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Startup experience doesn’t help social entrepreneurs

There is no evidence that prior founding experience is translating into superior performance for social entrepreneurs.

All of the conventional wisdom and research says entrepreneurs with prior entrepreneurial experience outperform entrepreneurs who have never launched a new enterprise.  Investors know that it’s often wiser to bet on someone who has started something before.




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Coursera – best new startup of 2012


Tech Crunch has picked Coursera as the 2012 Crunchies’ “Best Overall Startup” for 2012.  Coursera was chosen because more than anything else our country is heading into a period where higher education and job training is not catching up with the pace of innovation.  The creative part of “creative destruction” has not yet kicked in. Coursera has opened up access to proprietary content, over 200 courses from over 33 top international and domestic schools like Stanford and Princeton and is one of the bright points of light pointing towards value and job creation in the creative space.



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Y Combinator – Nonprofit startups are just like their counterparts

Watsi.org co-founders.

Is there a difference between building a successful for-profit and nonprofit startup?  Not much, according to Paul Graham, founder of Y Combinator, there isn’t much of a difference. Y Combinator is an elite accelerator program in Mountain View, Calif., that accepted a nonprofit for the first time this month, Watsi.org. “You could never tell there was a nonprofit mixed in,” he said in a phone interview recently.


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The startup scene in Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado

Chris Moody, COO of Gnip talks about the startup community in Boulder, Colorado:  Boulder is nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  The city has a lot of lifestyle benefits to offer, including 300 days of sunshine every year.  Boulder is consistently rated one of the healthiest, happiest and smartest cities in the country. When it comes to startups, individuals often refer to the advanced entrepreneurial environment that has been created in Boulder as a startup community, and it is the word “community” above all others that describes why Boulder is the best place to create your next business.



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