Top 10 stealth economic trends that are changing the world

Cheap solar is a new trend changing the world.

It’s hard to keep up with what’s going on in the world these days. Some facts are familiar to anyone who reads the news. Unemployment is high. Growth is slow. Shale gas is a big deal. But beyond the headlines, shifts are changing the U.S. economy and reshaping the global financial order. Here are ten that have surprised.



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Scientist Close To Invisibility Cloak


Invisibility is on the horizon

While some work toward an invisibility cloak, University of Illinois professor Nicholas Fang is taking steps to create a similar material, only for sound, that could, for example, make ships invisible to SONAR. To successfully do this, of course, requires we break the laws of physics. But, you know, whatever. Continue reading… “Scientist Close To Invisibility Cloak”