Sexual Reproduction in Space Will Likely be Impossible Says Nasa

reproduction in space

Sexual reproduction is likely to be impossible in space due to cosmic radiation bombarding the human body.

Researchers at the agency’s Ames Research Centre in California found that without effective shielding on spacecraft, powerful proton particles would probably sterilize any female embryo conceived in deep space.


Genetically-Modified Salmon Will be First GM Animal Available for Human Consumption


Genetically modified salmon could be on supermarket shelves within a year.

Usually Atlantic salmon do not grow during the winter and take three years to fully mature.  A salmon that grows at twice the normal rate is set to be the first genetically modified (GM) animal available for human consumption.


Plant Factories – The Future of Food

Plant Factories - The Future of Food

 Lettuces are grown in a sterile environment at Ozu Corporation’s plant factory in Japan – without being exposed to the air outside

 They look more like the brightly lit shelves of a chemists shop than the rows of a vegetable garden.  But according to their creators, these perfect looking vegetables could be the future of food.

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Pregnancy Following An Ovary Transplant


Mother Gives Birth To Baby After Ovary Transplant

A sterile woman is to give birth to the world’s first baby conceived after a full ovary transplant.
The 38-year-old was rendered infertile
when her ovaries failed at the age of 15, causing her to suffer an early menopause. After receiving an ovary transplanted from her twin sister, the woman, who lives in London, is expected to give birth this week.

The pioneering surgery will give hope not only to more than 100,000 British women who suffer an early menopause, but also to those undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer. They could now freeze an ovary before beginning the treatment.

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