EMI Puts Abbey Road Studios On The Market


From the outside it still looks like what it once was: a Georgian town house in the suburbs of north London with a famous pedestrian crossing once trodden by the Beatles nearby. But on the inside it contains a notable slice of British and recording musical history. And shortly, apparently, it is going to be up for sale…

Project Natal – Meeting Milo


Meeting Milo

Serious groundbreaking technology here. I have always said that motion controls for gaming, no matter what tech you used to derive your motion control, was a complete dead end for gaming, unless someone developed a revolutionary method to make it essential for gaming.

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Yoostar: Karaoke For The Movies


A screen shot from the aptly named Yoostar, which lets you play opposite Marlon Brando in ‘The Godfather’ or Marilyn Monroe in ‘Some Like It Hot,’ among other scenes

You ought to be in pictures, eh? Yoostar might provide your first big break at stardom — at least in your living room or out in cyberspace. This portable movie studio is like karaoke for the movies, featuring real actors and clips from actual movies.In one scene, I took over Humphrey Bogart’s role opposite Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. In another I assumed Kevin Costner’s part (opposite Burt Lancaster) in Field of Dreams. You can be Brando’s Don Corleone in The Godfather. Or substitute for Elmo or Grover in Sesame Street.


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Retired Subway Cars Used For London Artists

Retired Subway Cars Used For London Artists

Young London artists looking for cheap studio space in an expensive city are turning their eyes toward subway cars – though those eyes would be looking up, not down. That’s because these retired subway cars are actually on top of a warehouse-turned-art-gallery in Shoreditch, London, where they offer a sparse, multi-purpose space for artists who pay an oh-so-cheap $30 a month. Auro Foxcroft, the mind behind Village Underground, even got a sweet deal on the cars: £800 for four of them.

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Nazis Sue Tom Cruise’s Film Studio for $11 Million

Nazis Sue Tom Cruise’s Film Studio for $11 Million

Tom Cruise playing Claus von Stauffenberg, leader of the July 20, 1944 plot to kill Hitler

It all started when 11 extras dressed in Nazi army uniforms tumbled out of a World War II-era truck in Berlin during the filming of Tom Cruise’s movie “Valkyrie.” Now, the actors are suing United Studios for $11 million.

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Melodyne – Set to Reinvent the Music Recording Industry



This one is totally amazing. Melodyne is a breakthrough technology that makes it possible to edit individual notes within chords and polyphonic audio material.

What this means is that people, working at home in their basements, can create entire symphonies. Crummy rock band can now sound great. And the music mashup playground will suddenly become the hottest new playground on earth.


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