Igloo says goodbye to styrofoam coolers, releases biodegradable update



Styrofoam coolers are lightweight, cheap, and pretty good at keeping beverages cold.

They’re also pretty bad for the environment.

Styrofoam is Dow Chemical’s trademarked name for extruded polystyrene, and in addition to being conveniently disposable, it’s also a source of greenhouse gases, doesn’t degrade for centuries, and is highly flammable. Oh, and animals confuse it for food and could eat enough of it and die.

Igloo’s come up with a less destructive alternative made out of paraffin wax and recycled paper called RECOOL. The 16-quart cooler has a weight capacity of 75 pounds and is highly water resistant. Igloo says the RECOOL can keep ice cold for up to 12 hours and hold water for up to five days without leaking.

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California To Be First U.S. State to Ban Styrofoam Containers


 Styrofoam takes forever to biodegrade, it clogs up waterways, and wildlife mistake it for food and ingest it.

The state Senate in California just voted to ban the sale of Styrofoam containers.  Restaurants and shops would be banned from distributing food in foam containers.  Californian’s takeout and sodas will have to be sold in more sustainable, or ideally, reusable containers. Some 50 municipalities in the state have already enacted such bans. If the measure passes the state Assembly, it will make California the first in the nation to ban styrofoam.

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