How technology is helping the most helpless


As a new study from the University of Arizona about sex trafficking during the Super Bowl highlights, advances in data analysis are underpinning some powerful new ways of tackling very tough problems. Among all the stones hurled at the tech sector lately, this is an area in which it can take pride.



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NFL fandom based on Facebook likes

Facebook took a look at football fandom across the country as the Super Bowl gets closer.

The National Football League is one of the most popular sports in America with some incredibly devoted fans. At Facebook we have about 35 million account holders in the United States who have Liked a page for one of the 32 teams in the league, representing one of the most comprehensive samples of sports fanship ever collected. Put another way, more than 1 in 10 Americans have declared their support for an NFL team on Facebook.



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Social media is spoiling the Super Bowl ad surprises

Super Bowl ad surprises ruined by social media.

There is a growing feeling that marketers’ use of social media is ruining the surprise of Super Bowl ads. Last Super Bowl, just one memorable ad bucked this trend last Super Bowl–Chrysler’s offering with Clint Eastwood–while other firms such as Honda made similar versions available on YouTube and Facebook. General manager-brand marketing for Audi, Loren Angelo, reckons that, with just 24-48 hours’ worth of Internet chatter about the Super Bowl, the reveal is worth everything, allowing an advertiser to have “a much longer conversation with consumers.”



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It’s the year of social media for Super Bowl ads


Advertisers are falling over themselves to get their ads out on YouTube or as part of online contests, like Volkswagen has done this year.

A big social event every year is the Super Bowl.  During this year’s battle pitting the New York Giants against the New England Patriots, getting social will happen on screens and the sofa. (video)

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