Sweat sensors may bring medical diagnostics to wearables


Sweat contains a trove of medical information.

Sweat leaves unsightly blotches on our clothes, drips down our faces, and makes us stink. It cools us when we overheat, but most of the time we think of it purely as an inconvenience. But, soon we may learn to like our sweat a lot more, or at least what it can reveal about our health.


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July 2011 Heat Records Double Those Of Last Year

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July was REALLY hot in a lot of places.

With July just behind us the National Weather Service confirms what you probably already knew: It was really seriously totally sweatily hot over the majority of the United States. In fact there were 2,676 tied or broken heat records across the nation, doubling last year’s stats. All told about 60 people died from the heat last month…

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