Absorbing Too Much Chlorinated Water Increases Risk of Cancer


People who regularly swim in chlorinated pools or take lots of showers or baths are at an increased risk of cancer.

Swimming too much – or even taking too many baths or showers – could increase the risk of developing bladder cancer, warn environmental health experts.  Carcinogenic chemicals called trihalomethanes (THMs), created as a byproduct of chlorinating water, can be absorbed through the skin, they say.


Little 6-Year-Old Boy With No Legs And One Arm Is Star Of Swimming Team

Gabe_Marsh_2 342

Gabe Marsh may be missing limbs, but he is still a great swimmer!

When the Marshes adopted another child, Ed told his wife, Ann, “Well, there’s one you’ll never have swim.”

His pessimism was understandable. Gabe, the seventh of their 10 adopted children, was born with no legs and one arm.

Share Even Ann believed her string of teaching children to swim had ended. By then, her streak had exceeded 60. However it was not to end there …

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Swimming Fish Could Be Key To Generating Electricity For UK Homes



Fishing for Power?

Harnessing the power of swimming fish could hold the key to generating electricity to power Britain’s homes in the future, according to Government scientists.

The Environment Agency’s Horizon Scanning Team found the nation’s rivers are full of untapped energy in the form of fish migrating upstream.

By installing networks of electric prongs along the riverbed, the energy can be captured and fed into the National Grid.

Environmentalists welcomed the opportunity to not only generate clean energy but ensure rivers are maintained for wildlife.
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Fish Agility Training Set

Fish Agility Training Set 


So far Hammacher Schlemmer has managed to avoid the unfortunate demise of The Sharper Image by keeping their catalog stocked with unique items that don’t immediately make you think “crap!” But it’s items like this that make me wonder if the road to SharperImageTown isn’t just a few short turns away. The Fish Agility Training Set will apparently allow you to teach your ‘pet’ fish a series of underwater activities like swimming through hoops, pushing a soccer ball or navigating a slalom course. Instead of their usual routine of eat, swim, eat, swim, eat, swim, die.

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