Escaped pet birds are teaching wild birds to speak English


Polly is gonna talk about the cracker.

Across parts of Australia, reports have been pouring in of strange voices chattering high in the treetops — mysterious, non-sensical conversations in English. But while this phenomenon is certainly quite odd, its explanation isn’t paranormal. It turns out that escaped pet birds, namely parrots and cockatoos, have begun teaching their wild bird counterparts a bit of the language they picked up from their time in captivity — and, according to witnesses, that includes more than a few explicatives…

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Talk-o-Meter Shows How Much Each Person in a Conversation Talks

talkometer rrrrr

Now you can visually show who is the blabbermouth.

Talk-o-Meter is a new chat-monitoring iPhone app that shows when someone is dominating a conversation. After brief calibration, the app can recognize who is speaking and keeps track of each person’s talk time.”

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Ring-Cellphone: Cell Phone Worn On Finger

Ring-Cellphone:  Cell Phone Worn On Finger 


Even though it’s one of the tiniest cell phones you’ve probably ever seen, it would be difficult to lose this one. As its name implies, the “ring-cellphone” is worn on the finger, and includes all the components of a functional cell phone.

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Say What? Pet Plants That Talk To YOU!


Don’t Tell Me Ya Love Me…

If there’s anything that USB can’t power, please let me know. At least this talking digital pot called the Pet Plant is only a concept. I can’t imagine one more device being hooked up to my computer, especially a pet. But wait… there is something to be said for this concept by designer Junyi Heo.

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Upcoming Event – The Founders of Photobucket to Speak

Upcoming Event - The Founders of Photobucket to Speak

Photobucket Founders Alex Welch and Darren Crystal

On May 21st the DaVinci Institute will host the now infamous dual of Alex Welch and Darren Crystal, the two founders of Photobucket, who will tell the story of what it took for them to launch what is now the World’s number one photo site on the Internet. Details after the jump.

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Nerdic: The Fast-Growing Language of Geek-Speak

Nerdic: The Fask-Growing Language of Geek-Speak

Wimax, dongle and mashup. They might be unintelligible to technophobes, but they are just some examples of the colourful vocabulary of Europe’s fastest-growing language: Nerdic.

Some call it “geek speak”, others use the term “nerdic”. Indeed, Pixmania, one of Europe’s largest electronic internet retailers, said on Friday that nerdic is Europe’s “fastest growing dialect”. It claims 100s of new words were added to the nerdic vocabulary in the past 12 months—more than three times the number the Oxford English Dictionary added to the English language. Researchers reckon it might be the next Esperanto.

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