Roofus – Radio-controlled Robotic Snow Plow



Roofus is a radio-controlled snow plow designed to remove snow from roofs of buildings (thus, the name Roof-us) where it would be particularly risky for a human to do so.  Personally, I would like to employ it for my driveway during the winter and sit back with a warm coffee, directing it’s efforts. (Pics)


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How Americans Try to Control Their Impulses Through Technology


 Apps and devices help the weak of will put on the brakes when texting, spending or driving would be self-destructive.

Dan Nainan can’t trust himself to work at his computer without clicking on distractions, so he uses an Internet-blocking program to shut down his Web access twice a day. “I’m sorry, but try as I might, I could never, ever do this on my own,” said the New York City comedian, who’s struggling to finish a book. “I wish I could, but I just don’t have the discipline.”


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