The strongest teams might be temporary

The best teams might be temporary, but their company’s success is enduring.

We often think of high-performance teans as long-term allies—a band of brothers in the organizational world. It takes a while for teams to move through the traditional phases of storming and norming before they start to really perform. It’s easy to assume that the longer a team is together, the better they’ll be at performing. But research into the inner workings of teams, particularly creative teams, suggests a different conclusion, one supported by experience from many of the most innovative companies: The best teams might temporary, with members forming around a given project and then going their separate ways to work on new projects.



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Temporary electronic tattoos can make telepathy and telekinesis possible

A piece of electronics with physical properties, i.e. stiffness, bending rigidity, thickness and mass density, matched to the epidermis.

According to researchers, temporary electronic tattoos could soon help people fly drones with only thought and talk seemingly telepathically without speech over smartphones.



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Companies Hiring More Freelance Workers as the Trend Reshapes the American Workforce

Freelance workers

Freelance workers already make up 20% of the labor force, a figure that will rise to 25% as early as next year.

Lancaster Advertising in Lewisville, Texas, used to have 15 employees, two office buildings and a loss on its balance sheet.  Today, the firm has no staff, no buildings and a healthy profit. Owner Ken Lancaster draws from more than 100 freelancers worldwide and works from his house, his boat or coffee shops.


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