Sperm Grown in Lab Could Cure Male Infertility

sperm grown in lab

Sperm grown in test tube is an important step toward curing male infertility.

Sperm has been grown in a test tube for the first time in a “small but important step” towards curing male infertility, a study claims.  Researchers removed stem cells and cultured sperm in the laboratory in a breakthrough that could lead to new treatments and drugs for men currently unable to have children.

A Source Of Stem Cells From Men

A Source Of Stem Cells From Men 

 Stem cells from adult human testes normally produce only sperm, but when cultured in the lab with special growth factors, they begin to resemble embryonic stem cells and can differentiate into many adult cell types.

Stem cells from human testes could be used for personalized medicine.  Adult stem cells that behave much like embryonic ones have been isolated from human testes, raising hopes for a new source of versatile stem cells without genetic manipulation or the destruction of embryos. If the new stem cells can be used therapeutically, a simple testicular biopsy could provide the starting material for personalized regenerative medicine.

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