When predictive text errors end relationships

predictive text

Modern mobile phones come with a built-in dictionary which enables them to predict what word a user wants from only a few key presses.

Predictive text is a modern marvel of the mobile phone industry. Predictive text has, no doubt, made it quicker and easier to communicate with those around us. However, the very tool designed to help bring us closer together appears to be driving a wedge between some mobile phone users and their nearest and dearest.

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Bullying by text message becoming more common


24 percent said they had ever been “harassed” by texting. That was up from about 14 percent in a survey of the same kids the year before.

More and more kids in the U.S. say they have been picked on via text messaging, while there has been little change in online harassment, researchers reported Monday.


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Apple Patents New Anti-Sexting Technology


Apple’s new technology prevents users from sending or receiving objectionable texts.

Today the US Patent and Trademark Office approved a patent Apple filed in 2008, which, get this, prevents users from sending or receiving “objectionable” text messages.  The patent’s official title? “Text-based communication control for personal communication device” which actually doesn’t use the pretty ridiculous noun/verb “Sexting,” but come on, we all know what they mean.


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Internet Shopping Via Text Message


This Android phone app helps store owners in Colombia track their stock and accounts.

E-commerce startups are targeting emerging economies where cell phones, not browsers, rule.

 In much of the world, shopping online involves browsing e-commerce sites or typing what you want to buy into a search engine. In countries where Internet-connected computers are a rarity, a Seattle-based startup called Slimtrader hopes to offer Internet shopping via text message instead.


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Woman Jailed for Sending Threatening Text Messages to Herself

text message

Woman sends threatening text messages to herself.

Everyone has days when they  really don’t like themselves very much.  However, if they feel a need to write these feelings down it is usually in a hidden place on your computer or in your diary where no one else will see them.

It seems, though, that Jeanne Mundango Manunga, a 25-year-old woman from Santa Ana, Calif., took a slightly different philosophical approach.


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Sexting – Entering the Nude Teen Underground


Sexting has become a buzzword at middle and high schools

A Bethesda middle school student allegedly rented his iPod Touch to classmates who clicked through images of female classmates and other girls in various states of undress, according to Montgomery County police who are investigating the sexting at Pyle Middle School.


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‘Chexting’ – Cheating Via Text Message


Chexting can lead to big trouble. Just ask Tiger Woods and Jesse James.

If you thought Tiger Woods and Jesse James were the only two men to get caught cheating on their wives thanks to incriminating pictures and text messages, think again!  As it turns out, chexting, or cheating through texting, is the hot new trend among those with the seven-year-itch and a penchant for adultery.   More and more, people are using their phones and whatnot to facilitate infidelity, and more and more, that’s how people are getting caught.


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‘911’ Via Text Message Launched In Iowa County


People are constantly incriminating themselves with poorly timed or damaging text messages, but one Iowa county is finally allowing people to get themselves out of trouble with their texting thumbs. According to the AP, the emergency call center located in the county jail in Waterloo, Iowa is the first in the nation to accept texts directed to 911. The responders can even reply to the emergency messages via computer.

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The Dustbot: Robot Trash Collector


Co-funded by the European Commission, the $3.9 million (USD) Dustbot project aims to build a moderately-sized robot to navigate the narrow streets that garbage trucks can’t reach.  The pictures were taken from Dustbot’s trial run in Peccioli, Italy. (Pics)


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