Beyond Facebook: The rise of interest-based social networks


Social networks have grown beyond what Facebook offers.

With the pending public offering of Facebook anticipated to be the largest tech IPO in history, it’s an interesting time to think about where we go from here. Some say “social is done,” Facebook is all the social media anyone would ever want or need. Unquestionably, as it nears one billion accounts, in the solar system of social media, Facebook is the Sun — the gravitational center around which everything social revolves.

But while some may pronounce that Facebook is all the social we’d ever need, users clearly haven’t gotten the memo. Instead, users are rapidly adopting new interest-based social networks such as Pinterest, Instagram, Thumb, Foodspotting, and even the very new Fitocracy…

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Britain’s First Thumb-Sucking Clinic Opens Its Doors

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Thumb Sucking Can Damage Gums and Teeth
For many, the sight of a child sucking their thumb is the ultimate picture of innocence. But Britain’s first “thumb-sucking clinic” is promising to deter children from a habit which can damage teeth and jaws if it continues too long.

Orthodontists who say they have treated hundreds of patients with buck teeth and jaw alignment problems caused by prolonged thumb-sucking have founded a practice which aims to help break the habit, as well as repairing damage caused. Most children stop sucking fingers or thumbs between the age of three and six, when it causes no damage.

Hand Transplant Patient Shows Signs Of Sensory Recovery

Hand Transplant Patient Shows Signs Of Sensory Recovery 

Activation of the left cerebral hemisphere during sensory stimulation of the transplanted right palm.  

Four months after a successful hand transplant — 35 years after amputation in an industrial accident at age 19 — a 54-year-old man’s emerging sense of touch is registered in the former “hand area” of the his brain, says a University of Oregon neuroscientist.

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Machine Gun Bullet USB Flash Drive

Machine Gun Bullet USB Flash Drive

If you’re hoping to avoid attention, this is probably not the right approach

Just when you think USB flash drives all come in extremely boring rectangular designs, along comes the machine gun bullet USB flash drive that will definitely more than just a passing glance. Inside the machine gun bullet case holds 1GB of storage space, but unfortunately you won’t be able to impress anyone any time soon since this is not commercially available just yet.

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