Amazing time-lapse video of a 30 story hotel built in 15 days in China


Broad Group, a Chinese construction company, is known for putting up buildings with record speed. How fast? According to Gizmodo, the company owned by Xian Min Zhang, most recently, constructed a 30 story, 183,000-square-foot hotel in 15 days — 360 hours.

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Incredible Time Lapse Videos Of The Station Fire In Los Angeles


Timelapse – Los Angeles Wildfire

When a brush fire started near a ranger station in the mountains northeast of Los Angeles on August 26, no one would have guessed that over a week later, smoke would still be spewing over the city. The Station Fire has claimed 148,000 acres in Angeles National Forest, as well as the lives of two firefighters, making it the largest fire in Los Angeles history (and to make matters worse, an arson investigation is now underway). The billowing mushroom-like clouds of smoke that puffed up over the city those first few days made for a stunning backdrop for local filmmakers who captured nature’s fury in a flurry of timelapse videos. Here are five of the most stunning. (Videos) 

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12 Incredible Time-Lapse Plant-Growth Videos


I see…

Plants grow too slow to see most of the time – making these videos seem like secret access points to a hidden world that operates at a radically different speed.

For those of you unfamiliar with plants (they’re a lot like pets, only lower maintenance) these 12 time-lapse videos of plants and flowers growing and blooming should adequately acquaint you with their natural majesty. The only downside to plants is that they take a while to grow, but as you’ll see in these videos, it’s a beautiful process, which can be made all the more heart rending when paired with the right music.

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Photograph Taken With Six-Month Exposure


A Six Month Perspective

A series of majestic emerald arcs light up one of Britain’s most iconic landmarks in this stunning photograph taken with one of the longest-ever exposures. The spectacular picture shows each phase of the sun over Bristol’s Clifton Suspension Bridge taken over a six month period.
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