The ultimate in Car-Sharing: tiny, electric ‘box’ mobiles

box-to-go 897089

A new mobility option.

Car-sharing is getting plenty of green-minded folks excited these days. The rise of ZipCar, carpooling apps, and so forth have been heralded as signs that people are beginning to see the merits of spending less time driving solo and more time sharing, cutting costs and pollution in the process. Well, the folks at the “progressive industrial design studio” Brooks & Bone have taken the concept of urban car-sharing to its logical conclusion: Tiny, boxy vehicles built specifically to be shared a la personal rapid transit…

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Willard Wigan Carves Objects The Size Of An Eye Of A Needle

wigan art5678

Tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny carvings!

Willard Wigan has probably got some of the most stable hands of anybody on earth! Willard is an artist that carves sculptures and figures that can all fit into the eye of a needle. And hey, at least Willard isn’t doing this for nothing. He managed to sell his entire petite collection for about $20 million. Good for him!

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1 mm Tiger Sculpture is Smaller Than a Grain of Rice

Tiny_tiger 222
Oh so Tiny!
A Taiwanese artist has created what he claims is the smallest sculpture of a tiger ever made – so small it could fit through the eye of a needle, and can only be seen properly with a magnifying glass.

Chen Forng-shean, who has been sculpting as a hobby for around 30 years, carved the tiger from resin in anticipation of the Chinese lunar Year of the Tiger, which begins on February 14.

Standing at just 1 millimetre (0.04 inch) high, and just over a millimetre long, he says that it’s the world’s tiniest tiger.

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The 2 Foot Teen Dubbed ‘Little Buddha’


Tiny teenager: Despite being just 2ft tall and weighs 10lbs, Khagendra
cannot claim the title of smallest man until he turns 18 in October this year

“At just two-feet-tall, Khagendra Thapa Magar is just four months away from being named the world’s smallest man. Excitedly awaiting his 18th birthday in October of this year, Khagendra and his family are in contact with Guinness to take the official crown from 2ft 5in He Ping Ping of China. Weighing only 10lbs, Khagendra has become something of a celebrity in his native Nepal, where politicians have joined the clamor to see him recognized as the smallest man in the world and villagers have dubbed him Little Buddha.”

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70x Optical Zoom Tiny Camcorders


This little guy packs a optical punch

Panasonic is bringing out three new camcorders that have an insane 70x optical zoom. Two of them (the HDR-H80 and HDR-H90) use HDDs, while the SDR-S26 relies on SD cards. With great zoom comes a greater chance for shakes to ruin everything, so Panasonic is also tossing on some shake-reduction technology: “All three models also include an advanced Optical Image Stabilization (O.I.S.) system which helps reduce blur caused by a shaky hand and Panasonic’s proprietary Intelligent Auto (iA) technologies.” Continue reading… “70x Optical Zoom Tiny Camcorders”


Tiny Microhabitat To Study Marine Organisms


Tiny Abode

MIT researchers have built a tiny microhabitat to study the food chain of marine microbes. The microbial ecosystem is about the size of a piece of chewing gum, or microscope slide. From the MIT News Office:

The MIT study is one of the first detailed explorations of how sea creatures so small — 500,000 can fit on the head of a pin — find food in an ocean-size environment…

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Targeting Tumors with Tiny ‘Nanoworms’

Targeting Tumors with Tiny ‘Nanoworms’

 Segmented “nanoworms” composed of magnetic iron oxide and
coated with a polymer are able to find and attach to tumors.

Scientists at UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara and MIT have developed nanometer-sized “nanoworms” that can cruise through the bloodstream without significant interference from the body’s immune defense system and—like tiny anti-cancer missiles—home in on tumors.

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Detecting Tiny Tumors

 Detecting Tiny Tumors - Raman spectroscopy

US scientists have perfected a new technique to magnify by more than 1,000 times molecules deep inside the human body which may help detect minuscule tumors, a study said.

The technique of non-invasive molecular imaging of small subjects uses a phenomenon known as Raman spectroscopy and the research team from Stanford University School of Medicine believes it is the first such study of its kind.

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