Essays on the trap of US student debt

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A growing problem.

Reclamations, a journal published by University of California students, has published a special, timely pamphlet called “Generation of Debt,” on the trap of student debt in America. Young people in America are bombarded with the message that they won’t find meaningful employment without a degree (and sometimes a graduate degree).

Meanwhile, universities have increased their fees to astronomical levels, far ahead of inflation, and lenders (including the universities themselves) offer easy credit to students as a means of paying these sums (for all the money they’re charging, universities are also slashing wages for their staff, mostly by sticking grad students and desperate “adjuncts” into positions that used to pay professorial wages; naturally, the austerity doesn’t extend to the CEO-class administrators, who draw CEO-grade pay).

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Mysterious Desert Lines Found To Be Animal Traps

desert lines
Animal Traps in the desert?
British RAF pilots in the early 20th century were the first to spot the strange kite-like lines on the deserts of Israel, Jordan and Egypt from the air and wonder about their origins. The lines are low, stone walls, usually found as angled pairs, that begin far apart and converge at circular pits. In some places in Jordan the lines formed chains up to 40 miles long.

Were they made by some weird kind of fault? Ancient astronauts?

A new study of 16 of what are called desert kites in the eastern Sinai Desert confirms what many researchers have long suspected: The walls form large funnels to direct gazelle and other large game animals into killing pits…

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PermaFlow Lets You Be Your Own Plumber

PermaFlow Lets You Be Your Own Plumber 


The holidays are over now and I’m wiping my brow in relief that I didn’t have to call a plumber once between Thanksgiving and New Year’s! I usually don’t get through that period without the kitchen sink backing up. But one of 2008’s most popular new inventions, not to mention one of Pop Sci’s Best of What’s New, PermaFlow, tells me that I may not even have to call a plumber if the sink or toilet backs up.

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