Do companies work better without bosses?

flat company

The only way to run a no-manager company is very publicly.

Ryan Carson broke the big news when he was presenting Treehouse’s latest numbers to investors. In the middle of the presentation, one investor stopped and asked, “Wait, who reports to who?” “My co-founder [Alan Johnson] and I just kind of looked at each other and laughed,” says Carson. Then they fessed up. “We said ‘No one reports to anyone.’”



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Unusual BubbleTree Treehouse

BubbleTree Treehouse

BubbleTree Treehouse 

A tree house is a romantic hideaway close to nature and it does bring out the child in you again. Enter BubbleTree, a company offering a trendy habitat that will appeal to both the nature lovers and those on the hunt for unusual creations. It’s a small wooden platform installed in a tree, which is covered with a canvas in sphere at night. The cozy nest is capable of providing inimitable moments of closeness between human and nature. This tree house is an eco-design that respects the biological activity of trees. The installation on the central portion of the tree trunk minimizes the risk of uprooting in strong winds. Moreover, they have developed the concept of “Artificial Branch,” a patented device that allows “postponing the constraints of construction on the carrier part of the tree without mortgaging its future development.” The hut in the tree allows you to take full advantage of nature. The platforms can be used to take a nap, to observe nature, to read a good book or to simply spend some nice time with your family.  (Pics)

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Tree Houses – Nature With Architecture

Tree Houses

Whimsical Tree House In Oregon

Nature with architecture is not an odd pairing by any means, but it’s never been done quite like this. But another factor plays heavily on this contemporary, flowing style – music. Architect Robert Harvey Oshatz has created this awesome, artistic piece of architecture in the woods of Portland, Oregon, for a client who’s love of music would be translated into a modern home. (Pics)

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