Tree Hotel in Sweden

Sweden’s unusual Tree Hotel does away with standardized rooms and instead puts guests up in a variety of design-y treehouses.  A variety of architectural firms and the Tree Hotel partnered up to design distinct and unusual spaces all built in trees except for the ground-touching sauna. (Pics)


Why not create a comfortable, well designed hotel which allows visitors to live in harmony with nature amongst the trees? Well, with the help of a group of well known designers and architects, we have now turned the idea into a reality. We have a group of unique rooms created in harmony with nature, and with our ecological values. They are all set in the forest where we live, a refinement of the local conditions. “Dig where you stand” as the saying goes.


It is important that we find another way to value the forest, rather than to cut the trees for industrial use. This Boreal forest is one of the Earth’s lungs. We need to look after it.


Our inspiration came from the documentary film “Trädälskaren” (Treelover) by Jonas Selberg Augustsen. It is the story of three men from the urban environment who look to get back to their roots by building a tree house together. It is a philosophical film about what “the tree” means to us humans, both historically and culturally.


Rooms include the Bird’s Nest, the UFO and the Mirrorcube, just part of the 25 different architectural flights of fancy planned for the hotel. Six of the 25 rooms are complete, and the hotel is open for business.




Via Core 77