Coding Education & Tech Trends of 2014

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Audrey Watters:  “The business of ed-tech” is also the “politics of ed-tech.” The business and the politics of ed-tech together dictate almost all the other trends that I’ll cover in this year-end series. MOOCs. Big data. Learning analytics. Privacy. Competency-based education. Buzzwords.

One way to identify the dominant ed-tech trends is to look at what venture capitalists are funding. Another is to look at what government policies are demanding. The state of Maryland, for example, said this year that it would need to invest $100 million in technology upgrades in order to be ready for the new online testing mandated by the Common Core State Standards.

New hardware. New infrastructure. New curriculum. New expenditures.  So… who benefits?

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Udemy survey finds workers don’t have the skills they need – and they know it

skills employees need

There have been few studies, until now, that examined how workers feel about the adequacy of their skills. A survey of employees was released last week that provides strong confirmation of the notion that employees need better skills to do their jobs well, especially skills related to technology.



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