Nubrella: Ultimate Personal Weather Protector



The nubrella is designed for the 21st century. Nubrella exploits the fundamental limitations of today’s traditional umbrella while introducing a long awaited feature of hands free usage. Nubrella turned to the award winning design firm, Continuum. The result is an eye catching new aerodynamic design that many are saying is simply a better “mousetrap”.


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Swords + Umbrellas = Swordbrellas!


Umbrellas for the Civil but Discontent Man (2008), by Bruce and Stephanie Tharp, manufactured by Kikkerland

Just because it’s rainy season it doesn’t mean that you have to go without your swords. Here are three such combination of weapon and umbrellas by Bruce and Stephanie Tharp of Materious:

“Sigmund Freud contends that aggressiveness is a fundamental human instinct whose inhibition is a necessary obligation of social life. These umbrellas combine a symbol of gentlemanly refinement-the full-sized, black umbrella-with an element from more manly sword-bearing times. The umbrellas offer brief psychological respite from the dictates of social amiability.

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Umbrella Drying Contraption, Environmentally- Friendly


 New Umbrella Drying Contraption

Department stores don’t want you bringing your wet umbrella inside, accidentally getting their fancy merchandise all wet. That’s why, at least in Japan, many department stores have machines set up at the entrances to either put a plastic bag around your umbrella or dry it off with a hairdryer-like mechanism. The problem? These either create waste or use up lots of energy, neither of which are good things.

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Eco Brolly Turns Anything Into An Umbrella


An Eco Umbrella



If you’ve ever been caught in a sudden and unexpected downpour (you probably weren’t wearing your weather forecasting Suunto Lumi) you’ll know that a newspaper can make for a half-decent substitute umbrella. But holding it over your head while trying to keep yourself and whatever else you’re carrying dry can be difficult.

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