Mankind is shrinking and so are our brains


Scientists blame agriculture, with restricted diets and urbanization.

Man has conquered Everest and landed on the Moon, so it is tempting to think we are bigger and better than our ancestors. But on a purely physical basis we just don’t measure up. Mankind is actually shrinking.


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‘Litte Emperor’ Syndrome – China Struggling with Growing Obesity as Economy Sky Rockets

Lu Zhihao

China’s more affluent generation of middle class families have been raising more and more pampered children  bringing a growing blight of obesity to Chinese society.

In a sleepy riverside village in Southern China, three-year-old Lu Zhihao tears around his home; his belly, arms and legs wobbling with fat as he stuffs a pear into his mouth.


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More Than Half of China’s Existing Homes Will Be Demolished in the Next 20 Years


Life expectancy of houses in China is 50 years.

More than half of China’s existing residential structures will be demolished and rebuilt in the coming 20 years, according to a senior researcher from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, a claim that has sparked fresh questions about the short lifespan of Chinese buildings.


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China’s Growing Pains on the Road to Urbanization


Blocks of soon-to-be-completed residential apartments tower over the simple fish farms that are a feature of Shanwei.

How are China’s ever-expanding small cities coping with the challenge of rapid growth? Daniel Chinoy finds out in Shanwei, a city that would be a major urban hub in any other nation.   On the coast of Guangdong province, two hours northeast of Shenzhen, is a city with a population of about 3.5 million, 500,000 more people than Chicago, and an annual GDP growth rate of about 17 percent. Few people have heard of this city.


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Finding Green In The City


Chongqing in China is growing fast – so is the pollution

Apart from a few lower members of the animal kingdom, no-one other than human beings build cities.  They are totally artificial constructs and in them we live artificial lives. We travel differently, eat different food, receive water and energy through pipes and wires, live in different kinds of buildings, do different jobs.


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Year 2030: Top Ten Predictions

Top Ten Predictions For The Future

The World Future  Society has released a 10-page report forecasting more than 70 major global  developments for the coming year and beyond. The OUTLOOK 2009 report examines  the key trends in technology, the environment, the economy, international  relations, etc., in order to paint a full and credible portrait of our likely  future. Among the most provocative  findings:

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