Web design trends for 2014

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We saw such a  change in web design over the last couple of years that it is unbelievable to anticipate what could possibly the next hot things. What trends will flourish this year and which ones will fade off?  This year the design scene will be very interesting to watch as there will be a bunch of changes going on making for some exciting new trends actually.

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New Era of Web Design with More Font Choices Available to Designers


The image on the left uses system fonts and the image on the right uses web fonts.

Since the World Wide Web’s earliest days, whether you were shopping on Amazon or researching on Google or catching up on news at latimes.com, chances are you were looking at just one of four typefaces — Arial, Verdana, Georgia or Times — each formulated for computer monitors and trusted by web designers to display properly on your screen.


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Inspirational Spring Photos

Inspirational Spring Photos


Inspiration is all around us: you can derive new ideas from people you meet, places you visit and observations you make. Sometimes it is enough just to take a look around and observe the beauty of nature surrounding us everywhere. For instance, spring is often considered the most beautiful and inspirational period of the year, with its refreshing, colorful, vivid imagery and structures. (Pics) 

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