Global wind power capacity expected to skyrocket

Wind power could generate as much as 18 percent of global electricity by 2050.

Wind energy only accounts for a small percentage of global electricity production even though we have seen more wind farms popping up over the last few years. Wind power generates only 2.6 percent of the world’s electricity, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency, but that number is expected to grow significantly over the next few decades.



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Growing Number of Homeowners in U.S. Complain Noise from Wind Turbines Making Life Unbearable

wind turbines

The industrial whoosh-and-whoop of the 123-foot blades is making life unbearable for some.

Like nearly all of the residents on this island in Penobscot Bay, Art Lindgren and his wife, Cheryl, celebrated the arrival of three giant wind turbines late last year. That was before they were turned on. “In the first 10 minutes, our jaws dropped to the ground,” Mr. Lindgren said. “Nobody in the area could believe it. They were so loud.”


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China On Pace To Become World’s Largest Wind Power Market



Researchers merged meteorological and wind-turbine modeling to map China’s wind-energy potential.  Potential output of 1.5 MW wind turbines is shown as a percentage of maximum output over time.

China has doubled its installed wind power capacity every year for the past five, and is on pace this year to supplant the Unied States as the world’s largest market for new installations. But researchers from Harvard University and Beijing’s Tsinghua University suggest that the Chinese wind power industry has hardly begun to tap its potential. According to their meteorological and financial modeling, reported in the journal Science last week, there is enough strong wind in China to profitably satisfy all of the country’s electricity demand until at least 2030.


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Dark Days Ahead for Green Energy

Dark Days Ahead for Green Energy 

 Workers inspecting solar panels at an OptiSolar plant in California amid layoffs.

Wind and solar power have been growing at a blistering pace in recent years, and that growth seemed likely to accelerate under the green-minded Obama administration. But because of the credit crisis and the broader economic downturn, the opposite is happening: installation of wind and solar power is plummeting.

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