McLaren aims to replace windshield wipers with fighter jet technology

A new wiper-free windshield is being developed by McLaren.

The annoying sound of windshield wipers may soon be a thing of the past. The car company, McLaren is designing a sports car that uses a system adapted from fighter jets to keep a driver’s vision clear in bad weather without the need for blades.



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Honda Rolls Out Low-Tech Way to Reduce Auto Accidents

honda civic

Honda’s research-and-development team in Japan has been researching the effectiveness of the black, triangle-shaped markers.

Japan’s Honda Motor Co. is using chips to help drivers stay centered while traveling down narrow roads.  No, not computer chips – small black ceramic chips affixed to either side of the vehicle’s windshield.


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Transparent OLED Rear-View Mirror

Transparent OLED Rear-View Mirror 

Transparent OLED Rear-View Mirror

It seems as though auto makers can never decide in what arena they would like to challenge the competition. One day it’s all about horsepower, the next it’s about fuel economy and by the end of the week it’s about in-car technology. While this drives prices down and brings the overall quality up, it also eventually leads to the question of “do I really need that?”

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The Power Of Nanotubes

The Power Of Nanotubes 

 The researchers at the University of Southern California

Researchers at the University of Southern California have created a a clear, colorless disk about 5 inches in diameter that bends and twists like a playing card, with a lattice of more than 20,000 nanotube transistors. It is capable of having high-performance electronics printed on it using a potentially inexpensive low-temperature process.

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