Four women with transplanted wombs are trying to get pregnant with IVF

pregnant woman

Doctors successfully transplanted wombs into nine women.

Four women who underwent womb transplants have received embryos in an attempt to get pregnant, according to Swedish doctors. The women are the recipients of wombs from their mothers or other relatives, as part of an experiment to see whether a womb transplant can yield a successful pregnancy. The embryos are the result of in vitro fertilization before the women had their transplants.



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Babies to be Given Anti-obesity Drugs in the Womb


Doctors hope it will prevent the birth of oversized babies.

In a trial described as ‘disturbing’ by weight loss groups, babies will be given a diet drug in the womb to stop them being born overweight.  One hundred obese moms-to-be will be given Metformin as part of a three-year study to tackle obesity rates and reduce the number of difficult births.

First-Ever MRI Scan of Baby at the Moment of Birth

MRI birth

Doctors at a Berlin hospital captured live MRI images of a birth.

Doctors at a Berlin hospital have made a medical breakthrough after capturing live MRI images of the miracle of birth. The pictures, taken after a German mother agreed to give birth inside a magnetic-resonance imaging machine, could provide valuable new insights into the birthing process and save lives in the future.


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Twins Learn to be Social in the Womb

twins in the womb

a, Video frame representing a self-directed movement towards the mouth. b,  A self-directed movement towards the eye. c,  The fetus reaching towards and “caressing” the back of the sibling. d, The fetus reaching towards and “caressing” the head of the sibling.

Humans have a deep-seated urge to be social, and new research on the interactions of twins in the womb suggests this begins even before babies are born.


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Crack Babies – The Epidemic That Didn’t Happen

The Epidemic That Didn’t Happen 

 Baby addicted to cocaine

One sister is 14; the other is 9. They are a vibrant pair: the older girl is high-spirited but responsible, a solid student and a devoted helper at home; her sister loves to read and watch cooking shows, and she recently scored well above average on citywide standardized tests.

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Transplanted Stem Cells Undo Birth Defects

Transplanted Stem Cells Undo Birth Defects 

 Neural stem cells, tagged green with a fluorescent dye, have been transplanted among the brain cells (red) of a mouse born with brain damage after its mother was given heroin during pregnancy.

By injecting stem cells directly into the brain, scientists have successfully reversed neural birth defects in mice whose mothers were given heroin during pregnancy. Even though most of the transplanted cells did not survive, they induced the brain’s own cells to carry out extensive repairs.

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Let Your Unborn Baby Twitter With Kickbee

Let Your Unborn Baby Twitter With Kickbee 


The womb is no longer a safe-haven from connectivity.  Corey Menscher, wanting to experience the kicks, movements and general in utero activities of his unborn child, developed the Kickbee, a strapped-on set of piezo sensors that monitor the baby and send wireless updates about it to Twitter.

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Baby Delivered Following Abdominal Pregnancy


Baby Born After Abdominal Pregnancy

When doctors at the Government Kasturba Gandhi Hospital wheeled in 30-year-old Meena for a caesarean, they thought it would be just another 15-minute procedure. But the team walked out of the operation theatre only three hours later, to announce the birth of a 2.25 kg baby boy.

Though fatigued, they were smiling when they announced that the mother was doing well. This baby, the doctors said, is the country’s second one born out of secondary abdominal pregnancy. Which means it did not develop in the uterus, but at the sigmoid colon, located at end of the large intestine, adjacent to the womb.

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