Three hours longer, the pandemic workday has obliterated work-life balance



Work From Home Has Nearly Doubled Our Load on Infrastructure: BT Consumer CEO

 People are overworked, stressed, and eager to get back to the office.

An executive at JPMorgan Chase & Co. gets unapologetic messages from colleagues on nights and weekends, including a notably demanding one on Easter Sunday. A web designer whose bedroom doubles as an office has to set an alarm to remind himself to eat during his non-stop workday. At Intel Corp., a vice president with four kids logs 13-hour days while attempting to juggle her parenting duties and her job.

Six weeks into a nationwide work-from-home experiment with no end in sight, whatever boundaries remained between work and life have almost entirely disappeared.

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Working from home ups risk of exhaustion


Workers with existing “conflict” between their work and home roles tended to end the day much more tired than those who made sure there was a clear separation of the two.

Working from home might be touted as the solution for those seeking ‘work-life balance’, but a study indicates it leaves many exhasted trying to juggle both at the same time. An American academic, Professor Timothy Golden, said the experience often proved counter-productive, with home-workers caught between the demands of the office and the demands of family life.

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