Dust Ball Vacuum

The automated Dust Ball Vacuum looks so alien that if you did have one of these sitting idly in your living room you’d be extra careful lest icky things suddenly crawl out its pores all.


Thankfully this concept hasn’t entered production yet. But don’t be fooled by its unconventional exterior; this vacuum cleaner is designed to finally liberate household inhabitants from aching backs and constant bending over. Why? Because using this is just a matter of releasing it from its dock and letting it roll all by its lonesome, sucking in hapless dust bunnies and assorted dirt through its pores.

Unfortunately, this autonomous vacuum’s ergonomics seem to be working against it. Pictured above is the Dust Ball on its dock being charged. You may notice that its sitting in a corner. Precisely—corners. Since the Dust Ball is round it will have quite a frustrating time attacking dust in corners thanks to its spherical design.

The Dust Ball might even endanger furniture when let loose in a home. If t won’t damage furniture, it might fail to clean them. So perhaps it’s best if you hung around when using this to life couches and cabinets.

Despite its apparent shortcomings, the Dust Ball may be the first in a series of appliances suited for a home whose layout is a radical departure from what we’re familiar with.

Via Geeky Gadgets