Increase in Household Size Could Reduce Demand for Housing and Slow Recovery


This family is part of a growing trend of Americans living in a multigenerational household.

The number of people living under one roof is growing for the first time in more than a century, a fallout of the recession that could reduce demand for housing and slow the recovery.The Census Bureau had projected the average household size would continue to fall to 2.53 this year. Instead, the average is likely to hit 2.63, a small but significant increase because it is a turnabout.


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The Mulitgenerational Household in America is Making a Strong Comeback


Gutkowski’s  are making room in their home for the in-laws.

Most in-laws visit for a weekend or a holiday. Tom Gutkowski’s in-laws are about to move in — for good.

This summer, his mother- and father-in-law will settle into a 1,200-square-foot attached apartment Gutkowski and his wife are completing on their Roxbury Township home. In return for room and board, the younger couple will get help raising their two young children, Derek, 3, and Taylor, 2.


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Overcrowded Housing in Chicago Worsening

ct-met-overcrowding-b CT Overcrowded2064

A roommate prepares a meal in their overcrowded apartment that is share by two couples in Chinatown

Like many Chicago-area residents who’ve lost their homes to foreclosure, Alondra Navarette had nowhere to turn when forced to leave her spacious house earlier this year.  The struggling maid could no longer afford her ballooning mortgage payments when house-cleaning jobs dried up. So she moved into the already cramped basement apartment occupied by her daughter and a roommate on Chicago’s Northwest Side.

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Eco-Friendly Fridge For 2020

Eco-Friendly Fridge For 2020 


Tez Patel, an engineer and industrial designer has created the perfect user-friendly and eco-friendly refrigerator. Though he suggests his eco-fridge, “Oceania,” is designed for the year 2020, it sure would be nice if a big kitchen appliance manufacturer made it happen sooner. A fridge can use up to 15 percent of our household energy!

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Robo-Mate Aiko

Robo-Mate Aiko 

Aiko – Female Robot 

Are you shattered because you haven’t found a soul mate for yourself? Well, there’s a better way out than heading to the matrimonial: build a mate for yourself. Remember when the world witnessed the Canadian Fembot earlier, it didn’t like you touching her breasts and made sure you know that with a slap, we knew something more feminine could be expected here. Perhaps we weren’t wrong; here she is back in a perfect lady makeover.

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WEEE Man Symbolizes Each Persons Environmental Waste

WEEE Man Symbolizes Each Persons Environmental Waste 


People around the United Kingdom have been in for a big surprise. A seven meter three tonne metal man has been wandering in their midst. Who (or what) is he and why is he here? Is the Earth about to stand still? Hardly, but like Klaatu he brings a message to which we should really listen!

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