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This one is entitled Micromacrocosm

These incredible ‘inksploding’ liquid artworks are the brainchild of a British artist who blends her work with cutting-edge science. The images, which have been compared to visions of alien worlds, have been produced by Pery Burge.
She has devoted many hours to perfecting her technique, since she began exploring ink in water forms in 2006, having abandoned painting because she developed repetitive strain injury from traditional brushwork.

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This Burge piece, entitled The Inkanomaly, has been described as looking like a jellyfish being born

Burge has produced work which has been studied in articles about fluid dynamics in scientific journals.

Another artwork, called Inkanomaly, could be described as looking like a jellyfish being born before the eyes of the viewer.

A Product of Evolution shows what looks like a blue seahorse melting into its blood-red surroundings, while her image, One Of The Earthbound Cosmozoa, looks like an electric blue brain surrounding an emerald green planet.
‘The images can be seen form both the artistic and scientific points of view,’ said Burge.
‘For example when we look at the different ink patterns we can talk about the ink’s chemical composition.’
To create the works, Burge takes over two hundred images and carefully picks the perfect ink creations at just the right stage.
‘Often I look at the patterns of ink as they form, and I’m astonished by their beauty,’ she said.
‘The beauty and variety of nature, and the answers to some of life’s questions can be found very close to hand.’
Burge’s work can be found on her website at


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