The PiCycle is a clean, modern, hybrid/electric bike designed by Marcus Hays, the founder of PiMobility. It’s fast, quiet, dependable and can give you enough torque to keep up with motor vehicles in the city. It’s also equipped with PiFi, an embedded wireless technology that streams critical data to the PiCycle owner’s smart phone or iPod Touch via a native application. PiMobility can monitor battery health, battery charging frequency, battery cycle life, motor and controller experience and more. This also means that PiMobility can provide theft recovery services and more importantly, if something does go wrong with the PiCycle, take preventative measures such as shipping the replacement parts long before anyone has to trudge down to their local repair facility seeking services.


Biking instead of driving is one way to easily cut emissions that cause climate change. The PiCycle is a design that combines the earth-friendliness of a regular bike with an electric motor and intelligent monitoring system, making it a viable alternative to encourage people to move away from gas-guzzling cars towards a cleaner form of transportation.

Via Inhabitat