Sphere of Intimacy

Give more than a card, flowers or candy … give your whole self with the Sphere of Intimacy.  A life changing on-line relationship tool that takes minutes to experience!  Finding true intimacy in your relationship just got easier with The Sphere of Intimacy. And it takes only minutes to experience online in real-time.


The Sphere of Intimacy is a surefire way for couple’s to better connect; to reduce confusion and conflicts in their relationships. And it may even release the ‘love hormone.’ Positive talk does that. And the Sphere of Intimacy is all about the positive exploration of a couple’s whole relationship. It’s a strengths-building approach that quickly puts couples on the same page. It gets them in sync.

This patented technology and methodology is a product of Colorado-based Spherit Inc. Similar Spherit Inc products are already being used by chaplains in the U.S. Army and marriage counselors and educators in private practice.

The product is described by Spherit founder Phil Lawson as a “reflection system.” It creates a visual view of a couple’s relationship, allowing them to see important elements of their life in context.

“Before now, this method could only be experienced through relationship professionals,” said Lawson, who has worked extensively with experienced marriage advisors for more than four years. “We are releasing a simplified version of this product for the first time to the general public.”

This product features a guided online e-review that walks a couple through the process with ease. This e-review takes less than 10 minutes.

Lawson believes the Sphere of Intimacy to be timely, calling it a ‘next generation’ social media application that goes beyond connecting and sharing online and involves being engaged. 

Couple relationships are more complex and vital than ever. But most couples are cautious about seeking professional help. This is where the web is shifting the whole scene of couple support and education.

The Sphere of Intimacy, Lawson believes, is an easy but powerful way for couples to chart their own course. It’s a way to “connect-the-dots” between complex issues making them far more manageable.

“Many couple’s are eager to move forward in their relationship, to grow it and strengthen it,” Lawson explains. “This offers a way. No strings attached.”

The Sphere of Intimacy is free to online users the entire month of February.

Via Free Press Release and Sphere of Intimacy