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Another way to be under surveillance.

A confidential United States embassy dispatch released by Wikileaks provides details about a new technology developed by the Chinese Academy of Science to identify people by their gait.

The technology is designed to be deployed beneath existent flooring. From there it measures pedestrian pace and walking pressure to create a unique biometrics profile which can be used to identify and track the movements of individuals without their knowledge…

According to the dispatch, when questioned about the technology’s potential applications, scientists “stated the device was being used by ‘secret’ customers and was not available on the commercial market.” Officials went on to note the technology was involved with “Program 863.”

Program 863, or the State High Tech Development Plan, is a civil-military program created in 1986, according to Lev Navrozov – a former dissident Soviet writer – for the purpose of developing a “post-nuclear superweapon” possibly incorporating nanotechnology.