Who Is the World’s Most Typical Person?


National Geographic collected statistics on the world’s population (which currently stands at 7 billion). Do you know what they found? Apparently, the most average/typical/frequent person on this planet is male, 28-years-old and is Han Chinese in ethnicity (with 9,000,000 alive). But they didn’t stop there. Taking images from 190,000 of those fitting the criteria, researchers created a composite image to show what the most average person looks like.


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Chinese Develop Gait-Biometrics Surveillance

gait tech wiki note

Another way to be under surveillance.

A confidential United States embassy dispatch released by Wikileaks provides details about a new technology developed by the Chinese Academy of Science to identify people by their gait.

The technology is designed to be deployed beneath existent flooring. From there it measures pedestrian pace and walking pressure to create a unique biometrics profile which can be used to identify and track the movements of individuals without their knowledge…

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