A multi-touching touch screen device.

Technology and the present generation of kids go hand in hand. No matter how hard you try you cannot take the technological aspect out of a child. Taking advantage of this factor Lim Hojoon, the designer from South Korea, has come up with an educational gadget especially for children.

Kidget, as the name suggests, is a combination of two words – kid and gadget. This kid friendly gadget has various uses. When your child is in a mood to read it takes the form of a storybook. When the mood is to draw and color this wonder gadget turns in to a perfect canvas. Your child can freely give color to all his/her imaginations. Should s/he wish to have some fun, see this device convert into a musical instrument. You too would enjoy doing activities with your loved one using this gadget. This multi-touching touch screen device will definitely prove to be an ideal friend for your budding genius.

As many parents agree, in this age of technological advancements it is much easier to introduce children to new gadgets than adults. Where many adults refrain from trying out something new, kids are more than prepared to take the leap. Keeping this fact in mind, Kidget would be the perfect gift for the child of the 21st Century. You will be surprised to see how fast your little one gets acquainted with the device. You might even find yourself lagging behind at times.

Keeping up with the times, this could prove to be one of the best gadgets that you could get for your child. It not just helps in educating but does same in a very unconventional manner. With every passing day, the technological gadgets are gaining popularity. Most of the work that used to be done manually has now been handed over to the computer. In fact, means have been devised to fly an aircraft without the presence of a pilot. Knowing the extent to which day to day functioning is depending upon computers it would be a good idea to introduce a similar object in the formative years.

The Kidget has another hidden advantage. It helps take the load off young shoulders. With three things rolled into one, a child has much less books, stationary items and related goods to carry. It comes with a promise to make life simpler for kids. Not only is it simple to use but also easy to carry along. The stylish protective case comes with a belt attached to it. Children up to 14 years of age, the targeted audience, will enjoy the freedom that comes with it.

This is truly an exceptional concept. However, if one is keen to learn nothing can stop him or her from accomplishing the task. This is what gadgets such as abcDarian and Popup Alphabet Book Design convey!

Via: Behance