Get Your Kid a KIDGET


A multi-touching touch screen device.

Technology and the present generation of kids go hand in hand. No matter how hard you try you cannot take the technological aspect out of a child. Taking advantage of this factor Lim Hojoon, the designer from South Korea, has come up with an educational gadget especially for children.

Kidget, as the name suggests, is a combination of two words – kid and gadget. This kid friendly gadget has various uses. When your child is in a mood to read it takes the form of a storybook. When the mood is to draw and color this wonder gadget turns in to a perfect canvas. Your child can freely give color to all his/her imaginations. Should s/he wish to have some fun, see this device convert into a musical instrument. You too would enjoy doing activities with your loved one using this gadget. This multi-touching touch screen device will definitely prove to be an ideal friend for your budding genius.

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